recovery coach and smart recovery facilitator Randi Briggs

Recovery Coach Randi Briggs


Like you, recovery coach and core beliefs expert Randi Briggs has seen recovery defined in a variety of ways over the years. Is it losing the obsession to partake in your maladaptive behavior? Is it achieving abstinence? Is it about connection or adverse childhood experiences? Or, is there another story?

Recovery Coach Credentials

Randi Briggs is one of only 300 Clear Beliefs Certified Coaches worldwide. She leads meetings on various recovery topics in her role as a SMART Recovery facilitator. She’s also a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Master Spirit Coach.

Coach Randi specializes in empowering people who’ve found that traditional recovery programs don’t work for them or who want to take their recovery beyond their 12-step program.

With years of advanced coach training and personal coaching, she’s in the ideal position to help you clear negative and limiting beliefs.

Randi is on the advisory committee for Recovery Café and has been mentoring people since 1998. She brings vast experience in the fields of psychology, recovery, and spirituality. She’s trained in non-violent communication and she listens with an open heart while seeing the big picture.

Her Journey to Becoming a Recovery Coach

Most of Randi’s family have died from addictions and these losses helped her find purpose. She inspires people to dig deep and clear their beliefs to prevent relapse and become unstoppable in creating the life of their dreams.

Randi has overcome addictions, abuse, several traumas and witnessing a suicide. She relapsed for years until she understood how cause and effect were operating in her life. Her perspective shifted from feeling like a victim to being at cause in her life.

She knew she needed to dig deep, and she completed a core belief inventory to clear her self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors. The process empowered her to the get training and credentials she’d need to help people like you create the life of their dreams.

Her Coaching Process

By learning belief-clearing technologies, voice dialogue and mindfulness practices, you’ll progress along a proven path of recovery. This path will enable you to find self-love, peace, and freedom.

Randi is kind, down-to-earth and supportive, yet will call out your B.S. with love and appreciation. You’ll enjoy Randi’s lighthearted and humorous approach in coaching.


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