For years I tried 12 step programs and I just couldn’t resonate with them. Randi helped me focus on my needs and feelings and gave me tools so that I could sit in my emotions. When I finally asked for help it was like a huge bag of rocks had been lifted from my back. I no longer live with the obsessive thinking that always led me to relapse. I am forever grateful to Randi and highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to make lasting changes. Ramona, M.

Mexico City, Mexico

I connected with Randi immediately because she knows what it feels like to try everything only to return to sabotaging thoughts and behaviors. She has a depth of compassion coming from her own experiences and struggles. I feel great relief from the processes and I jumped into them with both feet. I now have clarity and respect for myself and my family is forever grateful! Marvin, P.

Omaha, NE

I whole-heartedly recommend Randi as a Life Coach. She is inspiring, funny and lighthearted. She has helped me face some difficult issues and has helped me become more confident and able to live an authentic life. Sarah J.

Mission Viejo, CA

I have successfully used life coaching in the past, but Randi uses unique skills that have taken me to an entirely new level. Her enthusiasm and conviction in the coaching process are contagious. She is an amazing listener and knows when to dig in and when to lighten up. I am most grateful for this amazing coach! Mark, B.

Santa Barbara, CA

Randi is professional and has helped me step up to a new level of being present and truly alive. Randi gently pushed me out of my comfort-zone, the whole time being kind and loving. I never felt judged or anything other than genuinely supported. Randi shared the gift of empathy and knows from firsthand experience what it’s like to suffer from damaging behaviors. She is a natural coach and you will be so happy that you found her! Lisa M.

Bend, OR

I was a huge mess and suffering from addictions when I came to Randi to help me with the belief systems that were keeping me stuck. You will love processes she uses as it taps into your Subconscious, Conscious and Superconscious minds. It is fun and thought-provoking and most of all I have changed and my relationships have improved immensely.

Jeff, M.

Miami, FL

The encouragement and affirmation that I can move forward in my life were extremely valuable. The experience helped me to develop the practical tools of clarifying my goals succinctly, breaking them into manageable steps, acknowledging my fears or reservations forthrightly so I’m not blindsided should they emerge, and always refocusing on what I can do NOW not what needs to be in place in six months or a year or……… I’m old enough to know other transitions are ahead which may be frightening and difficult, and I believe the processes can help me navigate them as realistically as possible without being overwhelmed by emotions. Eliana R.

Port Townsend, WA

Life coaching with Randi is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made! She focused on my strengths and helped me find my truth. I feel peaceful, content and proud of myself for doing the inner work Randi laid out for me. Stewart W.

Vancouver, Canada

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