Are You Gambling with Your Recovery and Heading Toward a Relapse?

If you feel limited, you have beliefs that are limiting you. If you want to change any aspect of your life, you can do so by changing your beliefs.

Beliefs must be deleted at the causal level, by gently inviting the conscious mind and subconscious mind to work with the Superconscious mind. After you eliminate a belief from the core of your psyche, you’re left in a spacious, hyper-aware state. You recognize yourself as the Creator of your life.

From this space, you can plant a new belief in the garden of your mind. These new seeds grow the Life, and Experiences, you want to have.

You can gain awareness and get relief using the Belief Inventory that is outlined in this Free ebook, “How to Clear the Beliefs That Keep You Stuck in Addictions.”

  • Feel relief from the haunting thoughts and internal noise that may lead to relapse
  • Experience happiness and greater awareness as you dissolve blocks and barriers
  • Sense freedom as your old habits of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are replaced by empowering habits
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About The Author

Randi Briggs is one of only 300 Clear Beliefs Certified Coaches worldwide. She leads meetings on various recovery topics in her role as a SMART Recovery Facilitator. She’s also a Certified Emotional Intelligence and Master Spirit Coach.

Coach Randi specializes in empowering women who’ve found that traditional recovery programs don’t work for them or who want to take their recovery beyond their 12-step program. Most of Randi’s family have died from addictions and these losses helped her find purpose. She inspires women to dig deep and clear their beliefs to prevent relapse and become unstoppable in creating the life of their dreams.

By learning belief-clearing technologies, voice dialogue and mindfulness practices, you’ll progress along a proven path of recovery. This path will enable you to find self-love, peace, and freedom.