Inspiring people in recovery to dig deep and transform their beliefs so they remember Who and What they really are! 


Coach Randi specializes in empowering people all around the world who have found that traditional recovery programs don’t work for them or who want to take their recovery beyond their 12-step program.




I understand that we’re all recovering from something. It may be alcohol, drugs, domestic violence, difficult childhood, eating disorder, codependency, financial troubles or fill in the blank. What underlies these addictions are beliefs that are driving your thoughts, beliefs and emotional reactions. Are you exhausted from obsessing about your substance, behavior or activity addiction?

  • Do you continue to relapse into your substance or behavior addiction?
  • Do you suffer from a critical inner voice?
  • Are you depressed, lonely, angry and tired?

I’m a certified Recovery, Emotional Intelligence, Master Spirit, and Clear Beliefs Coach. Emotional Intelligence is a part of you that affects every aspect of your life. Understanding the root causes of your emotions and how to use them can help you to effectively identify who you are and how you interact with others. I specialize in belief work and am certified in advanced coaching techniques. All coaching courses I’ve taken are approved by International Coach Federation and I’m also a trained SMART Recovery facilitator.

We will focus on shifting the core beliefs driving your thoughts, beliefs and emotional reactions. The processes are fun, creative and thought-provoking. One of my goals is to help you quiet your busy mind and return to your True Self.

The freedom you experience will open space and create unlimited possibilities for you to create the life of your dreams!

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